Crysis-HQ Mapping Contest - INFOS

CRYSIS-HQ Multiplayer Mapping Contest

UPDATE @ 08. February 2008: After we received your feedback, we decided to extend the contest deadline to 22. February 2008 @ 11:59pm.

Here's how we manage the contest after we received your map...

1.) We play/test your map.
2.) We create a bug report for each map (which we'll send to you).
3.) After we named the winners and send the prieces, you have time to fix the bugs we found.
4.) After fixing the named bugs, we'll create a map-pack from all (bugfree) contest maps.

Very important is, that you sent in the *.cry file. This helps us to analyse the map and to appraise the map. Of course we will not give away the *.cry file.

So, send you FINAL map to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or upload your map to a "freehoster" and eMail us the download link so we can download your map. If you contact us via the named eMail adress, we prefer, that you send me also an PM (here in our forum OR in the forum @ (my nick is "warpspeed")). This is to be sure, that we received your eMail.


Greetings... WarpSpeed -> Crysis-HQ Team

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