Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest UPDATE

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Finally it is time for the first submissions for the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest. Everyone who is working on a Multiplayer map for this contest should read the following important information about the Multiplayer Alpha Screenshot Submission which is kicking off today.

What To Submit
In order to minimize the amount of wrong submissions please read the following text carefully. It will include a detailed description what exactly is needed, what can be left out for now and what is not required until the final level submission starts.

I am working on a level for the contest, what do I need to submit now?
1.    First of all, this submission is only for Multiplayer levels. Singleplayer screenshots are submitted at a later date.
2.    Submitted needs to be screenshots of your level, no Alpha/Beta .cry files are needed at all. These can be taken either ingame or in the Editor.
3.    This submission is about the Alpha status of your multiplayer level. So please avoid submitting final screenshots.
4.    At least two alpha screenshots of your multiplayer level need to be submitted (max. amount: 5 pictures, max size per file: 1600*1200px, 2MB)

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The following you fill find a detailed explanation how to submit your Multiplayer Alpha Screenshots to the respective section. Please read the instructions carefully and go through them step-by-step:
1.    Open your map in the editor or ingame and take as many screenshots as you want.
2.    Pick at least two screenshots (and 5 at max) from "..My DocumentsMy GamesCrysisScreenshots" which you would like to submit.
3.    Once done go to the Crymod Challenges Section
4.    Create a new thread with following subject:
<prefix> <mapname> - <username> - Alpha Screenshots
(prefix = SP, IA or PS) e.g. "IA Testlevel - Cry-Alex - Alpha Screenshots"
5.    Attach all your Multiplayer Alpha Screenshots to your post (max. allowed number is 5)
6.    Click on "Post New Thread" - That's it!

Submission Deadline
Of course there is a deadline for submitting Multiplayer Alpha Screenshots to After this time all threads in the Challenges Section are getting locked and no further alpha screenshot submission is allowed then. So make sure to make your contribution in time!

Deadline: March, 4th 2008 at 06:00PM CET

NOTE: Only levels with Alpha & Beta screenshot submissions can be taken into account for determining the winners after the final level submission has taken place! Be sure to not miss out one of the submissions!