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Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest: Upcoming Alpha Screenshot Submission & Rules Reminder!

With the Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest being in full motion we are nearing the first Alpha Screenshot Submission for the Multiplayer maps. Additionally we have an important reminder for you about the Intel logo placement in the level you want to participate with.

Multiplayer Alpha Screenshot Submission
From February 5th, 2008 until March 4th, 2008 6:00PM CET you have the chance to submit the first Alpha Screenshots of your Multiplayer levels to the Crymod Challenges Section. Each participant of the mapping contest must deliver Alpha & Beta Screenshots of their map in order to take part.

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- Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest The reason behind this screenshot submission is to ensure you are the one who is working on the level. It minimizes the chance that some people take already existing levels, modify them slightly and then submit them as their creation. Additionally the upcoming screenshot submissions are a good chance to update the world-wide community with the current status of the level creation.

Note: Not sending in any or only Alpha or Beta Screenshots results in a removal from the contest.

To submit your Alpha Screenshots please proceed as following:
1. Open your map in the editor or ingame and take 2-3 Screenshots
2. Once done go to the
Crymod Challenges Section
3. Create a new thread with following subject: - - Alpha Screenshots (prefix = SP, IA or PS) e.g. "IA Testlevel - Cry-Alex - Alpha Screenshots"
4. Attach all your Alpha Screenshots to your post (max. allowed number is 5)

Rules Reminder - Intel Logo Placement
Just to remind you all who are planning to participate, it is essential to have at least one Intel logo placed somewhere clearly visible in your map. Especially for this purpose we have set up a complete Intel Logo Package that includes two logo varieties and also a tutorial how to apply them to a decal in your level.

Note: Levels without an Intel logo will not be taken into consideration when it comes to the voting.

Regards, -alex