Crysis Config erstellen leicht gemacht

Ihr seit es leid immer Konsolen Befehle einzugeben? Ihr wollt es euch vereinfachen?
Dann benutzt einfach von dem Miltglied "Arch" den CryConf BETA 2. Damit ist es euch möglich eure eigene Config für Crysis zu erstellen.

In der neuen BETA Version des Programms ist folgendes enthalten:
* erstellen eigener Configs
* Standart speicherung unter X:/../../Crysis
* man kann sich die unterschiede zu anderen Configs angucken
* editiert eure eigene oder anderen Configs problemlos

ACHTUNG: Benötigt wird .NET Framework 2.0

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- Download "CryConf BETA 2" @
- .NET Framework 2.0 Are the stock configurations of Crysis not quite up to your grueling standards? Do you have to manually enter a plethora of console commands every time you start the game? Then your troubles are over! Forum member Arch is proud to introduce the second beta release of the CryConf BETA 2!

The CryConf Custom Config Utility is a tool which uses a graphical interface to help you create and edit configuration files for Crysis. Configuration files are small files that are loaded into the game engine when it is started, and can contain any console variables included in Crysis.

* Create new configs without resetting the program.
* Saving a configuration file to it's default location. (X:......Crysis)
* Saving a configuration file to an other location.
* View variables in the configuration file.
* Edit & delete variables in your current config file
* Includes all variables from MadBoris's first SP Demo spreadsheet, with a description.