Crysis Weekly Update!

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Greetings everyone!

This announcement is dedicated to all the world-wide community members. Before Christmas last year we already sent out a huge note that updated the community to the latest status on the Crysis patches, the SDK and the Linux Dedicated Server.

Crysis Weekly Update - What It Is
Today we would like to let you know that we want to make a step further and get you more involved in our development process and what is coming next for you. This is going to happen in our official "Crysis Weekly Update" that is scheduled to happen on every Wednesday at around 6:00PM CET.

Be prepared to get an exclusive inside look into the exciting Crysis related projects we are currently preparing for you and get the latest information on the development status on them.

Lest die komplette Nachricht (in Englisch) indem ihr auf den "Mehr..." Link klickt.

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In this weekly status update we are going to inform you about new features and bug fixes for the upcoming patch #2 and also talk a bit about the progress on other projects like SDK, Linux Dedicated server and more.

Crysis Weekly Update - Where
The update will get posted on Crytek's official modding portal and also will get forwarded to all the world-wide fan and community sites for Crysis. So get ready and be sure to check out your favourite Crysis related web site next week on Wednesday to not miss out the first Crysis Weekly Update for our community!

-Crysis Dev Team

Stay tuned as we will have more exiting news prepared for you! For more information, visit