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Greetings Community!

Today we would like to announce the release of the “Official Dedicated Server Documentation v1.3” for Crysis. With the release of Patch 1.1 some new features for server administration got introduced. These have been added to the manual. In addition we completely re-worked the document structure and added quite a few new guidelines. As usual you can get it from

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- Download "Official Dedicated Server Documentation v1.3" @ Package Content
Next to an updated documentation with lots of new content the whole package includes new files as well. To get the external RCon via HTML/XMLRPC working we provide you with a CrysisRCon Java script.

Also a server sided update is included in this package. It should be applied to every dedicated server in order to provide people who pre-ordered the game the ability to purchase the Amphibious APC in PowerStruggle.

Detailed instructions for both topics are of course covered in the documentation.

Punkbuster CFG files
As last content of the whole package we provide you with an up-to-date Punkbuster folder that includes both the latest .DLL files and the latest .CFG files that have been created on conjunction with

More information about how to set these files up and more features of Punkbuster can be found in the document.

Full Changelog
Please find below the complete changelog of what has been updated since version 1.2 that has been introduced some time ago.
• Added first steps guidelines (hardware recommendations, updating the server, game ports)
• Added complete install guide for default game server
• Re-written complete install guide for server instance
• Added startup.bat explanation
• Added external RCon description
• Added how to use external RCon via HTML/XMLRPC
• Added streaming to

Note: Please ensure to use the included server.cfg file as reference.

Also it is recommended to use the included Punkbuster .CFG files when setting up a PB server and not other pbsv.cfg and/or pbsvuser.cfg files that are roaming around to ensure your server works properly with Punkbuster.

-Crysis Dev Team

Stay tuned as we will have more exiting news prepared for you! For more information, visit