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Greetings Community!

Crysis has been out for quite some time already and we constantly focus on getting the Multiplayer part more balanced and the servers less filled with cheaters. The last point is a topic we want to address today. The following is only the beginning of our initiative against Hacks, Cheats and Trainers. We know this is going to be tough, but we think it is rudimental and absolutely necessary.

Alliance with
With this day we would like to announce our collaboration with the well known Anti-Cheat web site Many of you may know this page from other popular multiplayer games, but here a summary what the group is about.

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- PunksBusted (PsB) was founded back in the year 2002. They are currently providing several games with the latest Md5 checks and a global master ban list. Most common hacks out there can be detected with the right Punkbuster configuration, and thus we decided to work together with these guys.

The Master Ban List
Together with PsB we have been working on a new Punkbuster configuration which is ready for release now. In addition we are going to use the Punkbuster streaming technology which is linked to PsB's Master Ban List (MBL) for Crysis.

So what is this MBL? In a few words, it is a list that streams the Punkbuster log files of a server to Afterwards these log files are being analyzed and cheat violations are being added to a Master Ban List (MBL).

This list prevents cheaters who have been added to play on all Crysis game servers who are streaming to Punksbusted. Following you will find a description how to set up your server correctly in order to be able to stream to PsB.

We are also using the Auto MBL tool to provide new cheat related Md5 checks to the game servers. These will be updated as soon as we have found a new cheat for Crysis which can be detected this way.

Streaming To

Every game server for Crysis can stream to All you need to do is following:

1.    Register free on
2.    Chose “Membership” and then “Apply”
3.    Fill out the form (don’t forget to add Crysis game servers)
4.    Application is being verified and Clan ID being sent via email
5.    Once you have received the login information proceed as following:
-    Open "pbsvlog.cfg" inside your Pb folder.
-    Enter your Clan ID into this field: pb_sv_loguser <clanID> // Your Clan ID
6.    Download the Auto-MBL tool to get updates from PsB automatically.
7.    Keep in mind: “pbsv.cfg” requires manual updating!
8.    Changes to your game server need to be updated on the PsB page.

New Punkbuster Configuration
As already mentioned above we have created a new Punkbuster configuration together with PsB which can be downloaded further below and applied to your server. This configuration contains 4 files:
•    pbsv.cfg
You can find general PB settings, cvar checks and all Md5 checks in this config file
•    pbsvlog.cfg
In this config you need to add all needed informations for streaming
•    pbsvuser.cfg
This is an empty placeholder file the Auto MBL tool will update with the latest Md5 checks
•    reloadbans.cfg
This file is needed to reload the ban list. So players which where deleted from the MBL will be unbanned.

Crysis Trusted Server Providers
Several Crysis game server providers already updated their public servers and more will follow during the next days. Especially our Trusted Server Providers KGN and have been very cooperative and most of their servers are running the new configurations. So try them out and enjoy some great Crysis Multiplayer experience!

More to come regarding this topic!

-Crysis Dev Team