UPDATE: Official Crytek Sandbox2 Editor Docu

Here's the first message from Crytek this year...

Greetings Community!

Updated Official Crytek Docu
Today we are happy to tell you that we have finished the work on the update of our Official Sandbox2 Docu. Next to a whole bunch of new tutorials we re-arranged the index for a better overview. You can find the brand new docu on http://doc.crymod.com (Maybe hit F5 to refresh the content if you still see the old tutorials only).

This major update to our official docu web site includes 13 new tutorials for you to read through, including basic and advanced tutorials. In addition we also added very useful reference docu that explain specific functionalities of the Sandbox2 Editor.

New Tutorials/References Listing
Following you can find a detailed list of which tutorials and references have been added lately. Additionally the old tutorials have been renamed and moved to the new sub-sections.

Read the full message by clicking on "Read More..." Link klickt.

Related Links:
- doc.crymod.com Editor Basics:
• Editor Interface Overview
• Organizing your scene

Basic Tutorials:
• How to set up Zero-G environment
• How to set up the basic game logic (mission design)
• How to place your team logo as a decal on a wall
• How to setup a frozen level
• How to setup an Instant Action Multiplayer Level
• How to setup a PowerStruggle Multiplayer level
• How to export your level and play it pure game mode

Advanced Tutorials:
• How to create minimaps
• Basic Trackview Tutorial

Editor References:
• Entities Multiplayer Reference
• Material Editor Reference

Your Feedback Needed
Do you like our tutorials? What would you like to see next? If you got feedback and suggestions how we can improve our official docu for the Sandbox2 Editor please let us know and post it in the crymod forums.

Enjoy the new stuff! -Crysis Dev Team