Crysis-HQ Mapping Contest #1

Crysis-HQ Mapping Contest #1

UPDATE 04. January 2008 @ 08:45 AM: Because of the numerous requests,  we opend our contest also for participants outside Germany (they will receive the "price" via PayPall)!

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Ultimately, after weeks of planning the Crysis "Mapping Contest Part 1" starts. For our first Contest we decided to take part in the Multiplayer-Section -> Instant Action (IA) and Powerstruggle (PS).

Now your skills are asked... send in your self made map till 22th of Februar 2008 @ 11:59pm (incl. a little description and three screenshots) to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Moded original-maps and conversions of other maps (Usermaps or maps from other games) will not be considered. You should finally map everything on your own.

Very important is, that you sent in the *.cry file. This helps us to analyse the map and to appraise the map. Of course we will not give away the *.cry file.

Requirements in overview:
  • The map should be made for 16-32 player
  • The map must be for Instant Action (IA) mode or Powerstruggle (PS)
  • Realistic Ambiente (e.g. no comicstyle)
  • The map must be your own product
  • The *.cry must be included
  • Having fun in mapping
The maps will be validated by the crew.

Following cathegories will be rated:
  • Level-building (Terrain/Landscape Creation)
  • Balancing (fair allocation of Weapons, Ammunition, Vehicles and so on)
  • Vegetation (alternation)
  • Object-placement
  • Textures (diverstiy, suitable)
  • features( e.g. new textures and/or objects)

No need to be registered on!

Of course there are some prices available:
1. Place = 1x 100.- Euro coupon* (ca. 2 Games)
2. Place = 1x 50.- Euro coupon* (ca. 1 Games)
3. Place = 1x 25.- Euro coupon* (for example for USB-Stick, DvD (Film), Rolling)

Place 4 and 5 get a "Crysis-HQ" T-Shirt with your own nickname.

The winners will be hosted of course only with your permission.

If the resonance for the Mapping-Contest will be good, more contests will be started which include maps for Singleplayer Mode for Crysis. Due to the better knowledge for the editor to this modes the prices will be adjusted.

* = coupon from MediaMarkt or Saturn (Winners from outside Germany will receive the "price" via PayPal)

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