Community Update – Crysis Patch #1

Greetings beloved Community!

Today we have got a little update on our upcoming patch #1 for Crysis for you. Even though there is no final change log available at the moment since the patch is still work in progress we would like to give you a rough overview what kind of issues are being addressed.

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Crysis Patch #1 – General Content

First of all we don’t have set a release date for the patch yet. We are still working on it, but we are very confident that the patch will be out right after it has been verified and checked for stability. We will let you know immediately once we have more specific information on this for you.


As for the content it self, the patch is going to address following categories:

  • Overall Performance
  • Adjustments to LAW and Grenade balance in multiplayer


Please keep in mind this is not a major patch to the game, but more an update on performance and some Multiplayer tweaks that have been requested by the community.



Pre-Order/Special Edition Exclusive Vehicle (Amphibious APC) – Online Issues

A few of the people who got access to the Amphibious APC wonder why they are not able to purchase that vehicle in one of the factories. This is related to the fact that the dedicated server need to be logged into Gamespy to allow people who purchased the pre-order/SE version of Crysis to buy the vehicle ingame.


We already informed most of the server hosting companies about that and we recommend everyone who is setting up a dedicated server to read the Crysis Server Documentation.



Weapon Sound loop – Workaround!

Some committed community members found out a temporary workaround for the sound looping bug that occurs in some multiplayer sessions. In the case you experience this bug please follow this instructions:


  1. Open console and type in “con_restricted 0” (without “”).
  2. Type in “s_soundenable 0” (without “”) to disable sound completely.
  3. Type in “s_soundenable 1” (without “”) to enable sound again.


So whenever this bug occurs just follow the steps above and the bug should be gone. Crytek is also trying to solve that problem once we are able to reproduce it in-house.


Thanks to these members for finding this workaround!


-Crysis Dev Team

Zusatz von Alexander Marschal - Crytek Community Manager:

First of all please everyone relax a little bit. I know some of you might be disappointed about the content list of the patch, but there is absolutely no reason to go crazy about this.

Let me explain you a few things:

As we already stated in the message this is just a small patch that addresses the most critical issues mentioned by the community which are performance and some multiplayer tweaks.

We are aware of the fact that there are more things that need to be fixed/improved/adjusted and we are still working on them since the beta (thanks again to all the testers for the great feedback). Many of the issues are not easy to fix and require careful balancing and testing before anything can be sent out to the gamers in an official patch.

I think everyone agrees that it is better to rather have a solid and satisfying patch than a half done patch that creates even more issues than it fixes.

With the note to the community we wanted to give you a little insight view of what we are working on right now for patch #1. So please be a bit patient, there will be more patches for Crysis that include the fixes requested by you.

Additionally as you might know we are also collecting lots of feedback from the different forums which we are discussing internally about what we address next.

So please be a bit patient with us, we give our best to support you - the community - and we thank you for your honesty and continous feedback!