Offizielle Dedicated Server Dokumentation

Greetings Community!

We are pleased to tell you that the “Official Dedicated Server Documentation” is available now and can be downloaded from here or Crytek's modding portal Feel free to share it with everyone in the community who wants to set up an own server.

The documentation includes a step-by-step instruction how to correctly set up a dedicated server including features like:

  • Server Instances
  • Level Rotation
  • Remote Control
  • Punkbuster
  • DX10 Server
  • And more…

Additionally it includes a whole server command list of all important console variables that are needed for server administration.

Next to the documentation itself we would like to provide you with some additional files such as .cfg files, Punkbuster files, a startup batch and a standard level rotation. Basically everything that comes in handy when setting up a dedicated server for Crysis.

UPDATE (22.11.2007 @ 20:00 Uhr): We have recently updated the “Official Dedicated Server Documentation” for Crysis which is available for download now. As usual you can get it from our modding portal Next to an updated documentation with some new categories the included files have been adjusted as well.

Multiplayer “Server Authentication Failed” Issues

To let you know, we have been able to fix a problem that prevented many people from playing online. It was related to an issue with the CD-Key master server. We keep on tracking down the remaining bugs and will keep you up-to-date on this topic!

Thanks for your patience,

-Crysis Dev Team