Sven Metzger ist weiterer Community Manager bei Crytek

Meinen früheren Kollegen aus FarCry HQ "Sven Metzger" aka "c4Te" hat es zu Crytek gezogen. Dort hat er neben einer guten Ausbildung nun die Position als Community Manager.

Das Crysis-HQ Team wünscht Sven viel Erfolg bei seiner neuen Tätigkeit.

Crytek schickte uns diesbezüglich eine Infomail:

Greetings Community!

Now that Crysis is released, we are going to shift the development team’s focus on gathering your feedback. Indeed, you, the gamers, are going to tell us what you think of the game and what can be improved in future patches. Furthermore with Crysis being released, the community playing both Singleplayer and Multiplayer and having the mod community more than active already, there is a need for additional help.

Thus we would like to introduce you to a new community manager who has been appointed to support myself in managing the community activities, being a direct contact person for the community and helping out in gathering/providing feedback on various topics.

Please welcome Sven “c4Te” Metzger in the Crysis community management team! His experience both as a Crysis QA tester and a high profile FPS gamer will prove more than useful for this duty.