Crysis Day on October 26th – Community Note

Greetings Community!

Due to the steady increasing rush on new information about the upcoming Crysis Singleplayer Demo we would like to give out a few additional details that might be interesting for you. J

Crysis Singleplayer Demo
The demo is going to be released officially on Friday, October 26th at 1:00PM (GMT+1). It will be exclusively available for those who pre-ordered Crysis for about 24hours via the EA downloader. On Saturday, October 27th at 1:00PM / Samstag 13 Uhr Deutsche Ortszeit the demo will be put online for download an all public sites, so keep tracking your favourite fan site.

Crysis pre-Demo Party!
Join us to the pre-demo party powered by It will occur at 1:00PM GMT (2PM CEST), Friday 26th of October on IRC. You'll need an IRC client or use a web-browser version. For those using a client, connect to "" and join #inCrysis.

In attendance will be Sebastian Spatzek (QA Manager), Eric Lagel (MP Dev. Manager), Michael Kolkau (Senior MP Level Designer), Chris Auty (Lead MP Game Designer) and Alex Marschal (Community Manager) from Crytek. During the party you'll have the opportunity to put your questions forward to the Crytek team. There will be some prizes up for grabs also!

This is a community event for all fan sites and their users. The more people in attendance, the better!

Another Surprise...
The upcoming Singleplayer Demo including the Sandbox2 Editor is not the only surprise you can expect from us. Stay tuned for another news message sooner than you might think!

Cheers... -alex
Hier mit die ersten Screenshots aus der Demo...
Bilder von und
Die ist nur ein Auzug aller Bilder!

 crysis_sp_demo_2.jpg crysis_sp_demo_1.jpg crysis_sp_demo_11.jpg crysis_sp_demo_8.jpg crysis_sp_demo_7.jpg crysis_sp_demo_9.jpg