The Global War Has Begun!

Hier die offizielle Mitteilung (in Englisch):
The conflict escalated about 2 hours ago when the North Korean government officially declared war against the United States. Officially, the North Koreans are sitting the escalation between the two nations is due to some espionage affairs conducted by the U.S. during the last weeks.

However, some political experts that want to remain unnamed believe this conflict isn’t about spies, but more about the very limited Alien energy that is located at Alien Crash Sites in the area. With this energy it is possible to develop prototype weaponry with unknown destructiveness.

The war has begun and it is unavoidable – free sign ups start now ( so chose your site for the ultimate battle for glory and technology! The military of both nations is looking for brave soldiers, but the space is limited. So get started right now or you are going to miss out one of the most epic battles the world has ever seen.

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