U.S. military suspected to use spy drones on NK territory!

The well known news agency www.incrysis.com has gotten a hold of highly confidential photo material.   Quality and look of the picture lead the agency to believe these pictures were taken by a US military surveillance drone. The image shows the wide area of Kiribati island including very detailed information about the exact coordinates of the different facilities currently under control of the North Koreans. The US government recently stated to have put their newest technological achievement, a highly capable surveillance drone that goes by the code name of “Eagle Eye”, in use but did not admit it is currently being part of the units that got sent to the conflict area.

If really true, this is by far the most aggressive step of the United States up to date. The North Korean regime responded furiously and openly accused the US to commit an act of war. The United Nations are trying their best to find a non-violent solution, but too many voices are heard that are afraid the situation is getting out of hand rapidly.