United States is commencing a push against North Korea

The dispute between North Korea and the United States is copped. Based on the illegal actions from North Korea on September 21st the U.S. military has started a counter-offensive. In the morning at 06:00AM Pacific Standard Time a North Korean outpost in the rainy area around “Seonbong” has been attacked by some task force units.

The base has been heavily damaged and internal information about the NK Headquarter on Kiribati island has been downloaded from the mainframe.

Read the complete article by clicking on the "Read more..." link.. It seems like the U.S. have planned further military operations to gain upper hand on the strategically important Kiribati island which is known to be a great source of Alien energy. As an ally of the United States the French web site www.crysis-france.com agreed in releasing parts of the stolen information. Let’s hope the North Korean hacker groups don’t pass their security systems.

This is not the end, it is just the beginning…
-Crysis Dev Team

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