Attention: North Korean’s answer to U.S. Double Agent affair!

Attention! This is a report from our Crysis-HQ Specialists:

The North Korean military located at the Headquarters on Kiribati island (Codename: Shore) succeeded in their secret mission to significantly harm the U.S. forces. After the leak of confidential North Korean information on September 19th a special forces unit managed to infiltrate the “USS Savannah” which is used as main pivot for tactical operations of the U.S. forces in that area. Right before the NK infiltrators got detected and were eliminated, they have been able to upload tactical information about the submarine headquarter to their strategic command center.

We have set up our german high-tech spy satellite and catched the Top Secret information.


Now we don't know for how long we can provide you this information since a group of U.S. hackers are already tracing us. Have a look at the information quickly before our page is getting shut down!

Your Crysis-HQ Team