Batch#3 & PowerStruggle – Basic Tutorial Video

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Batch #3 Release
Tonight is an exciting night – for everyone who wants to get a chance to participate in the Crysis Multiplayer Beta, here it is! Fileplanet is opening up the 3rd batch for subscribers tonight. Space is limited so stay tuned to the site to make sure you’re not left out when the bullets start flying.

PowerStruggle – Basic Tutorial Video

- Crysis Powerstruggle Basic Tutorial High Quality - WMV
(3:55 Min - 1024x768 - WMV)
vlcsnap-82602.jpg vlcsnap-82526.jpg vlcsnap-82725.jpg
vlcsnap-82695.jpg vlcsnap-82974.jpg vlcsnap-83311.jpg
vlcsnap-83082.jpg vlcsnap-83243.jpg vlcsnap-83047.jpg

As a special appetiser for the community we would like to provide you the official PowerStruggle Basic Tutorial Video. Explaining the basic steps of the PowerStruggle game mode and visualized by our intense ingame graphic this video should be watched by all the gamers who are participating in the Beta but also and especially by the people who want to get a first look into the tactics and game rules.

This is not the end, it is just the beginning…

-Crysis Dev Team

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