Crysis MP Beta – Community Update #2

Soeben erreichte uns folgende Mitteilung von Crytek...

Greetings Community!

In addition to the extremely exciting Crysis Multiplayer Beta announcement, we wanted to add some further information for the Crysis community.

Here're two Nanosuit Wallpapers (in different sizes)...
US_nanosuit_1280wide.jpg NK_nanosuit_1280wide.jpg

New EA Community Manager: Oliver Seidemann

First of all, let’s start with our newest addition to the Community Team. Crytek and EA are happy to introduce you to Oliver Seidemann who will be the responsible Community Manager for the Crysis Beta program.

He will support our team with his in-depth experience and expertise from former Beta programs like Battlefield 2142. In addition, we will also ensure that there are enough dedicated people from Crytek and EA collecting all of your feedback and supporting you to the best of their abilities.

Together with the Customer Support Team from IGN, the whole Crysis Beta staff team is looking forward to this huge and extremely important event.

Lest die komplette Mitteilung (in Englisch) indem ihr auf den "Mehr..." Link klickt.

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Since the provided game mode will be PowerStruggle we have chosen a medium sized map to support a whole variety of team sizes. The map you will be able to fight epic battles on is called “Shore”. It is a highly advanced and improved version of PS_Port which was shown at the Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig.

You will definitely feel familiar if you haven’t missed the many available videos about it. With its clear structure and balanced level design it will be quite easy to get used to it. The maximum players we support on this map are 32, whereas each faction has a maximum capacity of 16 players.

As for the hardware aspect of the Beta we have chosen to fully support DirectX9.

Crysis Beta – Tournament
Prepare yourself and your team and get ready for the ultimate action during the Beta. The first ever held Crysis tournament is coming exclusively to Beta participants. Team up with friends and other gamers in the world and fight for the crown of the best Crysis Beta squad!

Expect more exiting news about this topic right after the Beta launch!

Crysis Beta - Community Assets
As first exclusive release to the whole community we have prepared two wallpapers for you featuring the NK and the US Nanosuit. Check them out further above.

That’s it from our side. We wish you all the best for the Beta. Happy fragging and watch your back, you never know if it is a friend or enemy!

Now get ready and arm your weapons!

See you all on the battlefield,
-Crysis Dev Team

Be on the lookout for more information about the Beta, this is just the beginning! Visit