Drittes Modding Team mit Crysis-Pre SDK

Jetzt gibt es bereits das dritte Modding-Team welches Zugriff auf das Crysis Pre-SDK bekommen hat. Damit steigt die Chance auf eine fertige Crysis-MOD kurz nach dem Erscheinen von Crysis.

Hier die Pressemitteilung (auf Englisch):
Today we proudly announce the third chosen Crysis pre-SDK modification. It is called TimeRift: Spearhead Red and will get supported by Crytek during its development. Please find the official press release further below:

"January 1st 2000. Tanks are rolling across borders as the world slumbers. World War III has started."

TimeRift: Spearhead Red (working title) is a World War III multiplayer modification being developed for Crytek's next generation game "Crysis." Utilizing CryEngine 2, the mod explores battle scenarios between armed forces of the East and West, played out on maps constructed from real life topographical data. The mod focuses on realistic performance in all aspects of the game, from weapon characteristics and character behavior to teamwork-oriented strategic game play. The initial release will concentrate on combat action in Central and Northern Europe, with future versions expanding the warfare across the globe.

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- "Forumbeitrag" @ Crysis-HQ.de
- TimeRiftStudios.com Selected Mod Features:
  • Game modes:
    - "Capture and Control"
    Teams must secure logical, strategic objectives such as highway intersections, bridges and airfields.
    - "Sector Control"
    Fight for control of map sections by eliminating your opponent's assets.
    - "Mission Critical"
    To win, teams must accomplish an end goal, such as bridge demolition, within a specified amount of time and with a limited number of player lives.
  • Soldier classes: choose among pre-defined character roles such as infantry, sniper, armor operator or pilot among others.
  • Vehicle behavior: Vehicles such as tanks will require multiple players to operate effectively, require re-arming and re-fueling, while aircraft will have to land and taxi to hangars to re-arm and re-fuel.
  • Character behavior: realistic walk, run, crawl speeds and stamina, clouded vision if struck by enemy fire, longer re-spawn times.
  • Environments: all new models of buildings, vegetation, weapons and vehicles.
  • Multiple Armed Forces: depending on geographical map locations, characters, weapons and vehicles will vary.
  • Global World War III simulation: unlimited map locations, scenarios and conditions, such as long range armored battles on the plains of Central Europe, infantry combat in frozen forests of Northern Europe, sand storm combat in the deserts of North Africa and Middle East, beach landings on Pacific islands and surface and submerged naval combat all within CryEngine 2's dynamic "Day and Night" cycles with combat lasting for hours.
The TimeRift Studios mod team is a group of mature individuals, experienced in building modifications, creating balanced multiplayer maps with focus on teamwork and fun, enjoyable game play. We are actively seeking new members with prior game development experience who are able to commit time and energy to what will be a multi-year project supported by Crytek.

Open positions include:
  • Environment and Vehicle Modelers
  • Character Modelers
  • Animators
  • Texture Artists
  • Game Programmers
Please provide samples of your work and be ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as you will be working with the pre-SDK.

For more information on the mod or to join our development team, visit us at www.TimeRiftStudios.com .

Alexander Marschal
Crytek Community Manager