Crysis Special Edition auch in Europa

Soeben erhielten wir von Crytek folgende Mitteilung in Englischer Sprache:

Are You Ready for the Ultimate Crysis?

It’s bigger, better and packs more punch than even the most advanced of Nanosuits!  The limited Special Edition of Crysis is now available for pre-order at most major retailers and will also be available at retail stores in North America and Europe on November 16, 2007.

This 3-disc set contains a tremendous amount of extras including behind the scenes looks and interviews with the minds behind Crysis at Crytek, and some of the breathtaking art that has had kept people buzzing since the game’s debut.  Beyond getting the one of the year’s most anticipated PC games and first person shooters of 2007, the special steelbook box will contain:

    * “Making of Crysis” featurette taking you inside the making of the epic game
    * A unique in-game vehicle*
    * “Meet the Developers” vignettes with the lead designers at Crytek
    * The initial Crysis concept video that started it all, along with key trailers
    * A show reel of original concept and production artwork from the team
    * 32 page concept art book
    * Official soundtrack of all original music by the award-winning composer Inon Zur (past video game credits include Baldur’s Gate II, Prince of Persia and Everquest II)

Stay tuned as we continue the countdown to Crysis!  For more information, visit
* Also available to those who pre-order either version of the game

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