RenEvo - drittes Modding Team mit Crysis Pre-SDK

Heute erhielten wir die Pressemitteilung von Crytek, dass RenEvo das dritte Mod Team ist, welches das Crysis Pre-SDK anwenden darf.

Hier folgt die Pressemitteilung auf Englisch:

Today we proudly present you Command & Crysis: The Dead 6 which is one of the chosen Crysis modifications that receives the pre-SDK and official support by Crytek. Below you can find a description by the project itself:

Command & Crysis: The Dead 6

The Dead 6 is an interactive extension of the Command & Conquer franchise. From the battlefield perspective you will get to experience, and change the fate of C&C as you know it.

In the single player campaign you will play each member of The Dead 6 on their final “death” missions which take place all over the world in “close to factual” theaters of war. Once completing the 6 members of the team, you will push the team into overdrive and enter into leading the 6 character team from any perspective. The possibilities and choices are almost limitless on how you can approach these campaigns.

Ever wonder what happened between Red Alert and Tiberium Dawn?
Still breaking you head on how the “bad” guys have a mammoth, then later the “good” guys have it?

Left clueless as to what happened with age old technology that just seemed to disappear?
The Dead 6 will answer those questions and more with our episodic campaign missions.

Um die komplette Mitteilung zu lesen, klickt einfach auf dem "mehr... " Link.

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- RenEvo Common Gameplay Features:
  • Customizable Character classes:
    - Engineer
    - Grunt
    - Heavy Weapons
    - Explosives Expert
    - Sniper
    - Commando
  • Customizable Weapons and Ammunition load outs
  • Customizable Vehicles and Ammunition load outs
  • Credit and Purchase system from building “Purchase Terminals”
Multiplayer Features:
  • Filtered server browser list so you can choose which side you want to play on.
  • Extended statistical tracking to include accuracy, favorite weapons, favorite ammunition, favorite vehicles, favorite methods of killing, etc…
  • Extended ranking servers. Each server administrator will get the opportunity to report to a centralized ranking service provided by RenEvo Software & Designs, and will provide monthly ladders, ranks, commendations, and awards such as “Vehicular Manslaughter Award” for squishing x amount of players per server cycle.
  • Clan support. Clans can register with The Dead Six clan management system and schedule, track, and challenge other clans in the system. In addition to the player ladders and awards, clans will also contain the same type of achievements.
  • Customized purchasing system. Get back in the action quickly; buy your favorite loadout instanteously with a keybind.
Game Modes:
  • Multiplayer Death match – Drop in, kill everyone in site
  • Multiplayer Team Death Match – For your all out team killing needs
  • Multiplayer Capture The Flag – With the help of your team, strategically return the Opponents flag to your base
  • Multiplayer Command & Conquer – Full out war, use air, ground, and water vehicles and infantry to destroy the opponents’ buildings, while still protecting your own
  • Single Player Episodic Content – The base single player campaign
  • Single Player Episodic Co-Op – A series of official and fan-made Co-op missions for The Dead Six team. This will not be unlocked until completing the base single player campaign.
But wait, there is more:
  • Modding support and Wiki to create your own mod or total conversion with The Dead Six core.
  • Centralized Server Registration for configuring contained and your entry to the global ranking system.
  • Centralized Player Registration and management to view, share, and configure your earned ranks, commendations, and awards.
  • Update system that will automatically check for updates to The Dead Six, allow you to download additional content, as well as additional maps, all while you play the game.
  • Advanced Server administration, we will put the server admin back in control of the game, and allow for multiple ways to interact with the server administration without taking you away from fragging.

Currently we have a 11 person team, but are looking for talent in the following areas:
  • Multi-Player Level Design
  • Building Modeling
  • Character Modeling
  • Texture Artists
  • Animation Gurus
The team is a professional and mature team, with many members mod positions reflecting real world professional positions. If you are looking for a team that works together, has people to help you learn, as well as be a part of a great part of C&C, head over to to apply for a position.

Please note that signing an NDA and EULA with Crytek and RenEvo is required at this time before joining the team.