E3 2007 - News, Images, Videos

At the moment there're many articles, images, videos about Crysis availabe from this years E3 2007. We've collected some links to different websites which have Crysis related material online.

Here's the list with new material about Crysis:

- Fudzilla.com
- GameStar.de Bericht
- GameSpot Preview
- 1UP.com
- Firingsquad.com
- Joystig.com

- PCworld.com - GamePlay Video
- GameSpot.com - Crysis Stage Demo Video with Bernd Diemer

There's also an new Crysis GamePlay video available. This video "features" Heiko Klinge from GameStar.

- GameStar - Crysis GamePlay Video with Heiko - WMV
(5:47 Min - 352x288 - WMV)
Crysis_DX10_HDTV_Trailer_Jan07_9.jpg Crysis_DX10_HDTV_Trailer_Jan07_5.jpg Crysis_DX10_HDTV_Trailer_Jan07_8.jpg

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