Official Crysis - Tools of Destruction HD Video

Now you can download the "Tools of Destruction" video as HD/HQ Version also from our website. Thanks to CryTek (Cry-Alex) for the unmarked, HD/HQ version of this video.

Also CryTek asked for your Feedback about the last two IGN videos (this one and Island Walkthrough). Please use this forum-thread for comments. You can also answer/post in English!

- Official Crysis - HD_HQ - Tools of Destruction Video - MOV
(2:47 min - 1280x720 - MOV)

If you don't own a broadband internet connection, here're some screenshots we made from this video.

Crysis_Weapons_v1_hi_11.jpg Crysis_Weapons_v1_hi_10.jpg Crysis_Weapons_v1_hi_8.jpg

More screenshots taken from this video you can find in our Gallery.

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