-FarCry- shootings running

Source: WideScreen-Online.de
"This weekend the shooting for FarCry, the movie has begun in Vancouver (Canada). Regisseur is movie-maker Uwe Boll, which is known from BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark."

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"Main actor Til Schweiger (alias Ex-Soldat Jack Carver) have to rescue Emanuelle Vaugier (CSI: NY) from malicious Dr. Krieger (Udo Kier) and his private army. The story plays on an beautiful island on which Dr. Krieger has a big research-center.

Also there're will be Ralf Moeller (Pathfinder), Natalia Avelon (Das wilde Leben) and Michael Pare (BloodRayne; Postal) in this movie. This 30-Millionen-Dollar-Project is planned for 2008. Before FarCry (the movie), these Boll-Movies will be released Dungeon Siege, Postal and Seed."

Article writen Mike Oelerich
English translation by WarpSpeed