Unidentified Secret Gate MOD

Unidentified Secret Gate MOD - A Crysis Modification in which you will able to play with you friends against the AI Aliens or infectet people (AI). It's a cooperative gameplay and you have to do anything to close the Gate.

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All know that global warming is not stopable, the results are the North Pole and South Pole will melt. A Group of researcher are on the way to Antarctica. On antarctica a research complex is growing up top secret. So nothing on the world know about this. They found ruins of a old human race and some Artefacts like energy stones and other strange thinks, too. After 2 weeks they found a kind of ring it is like a Gate, but then the contact to the researcher broke off. So the American Gouvernment send a troop of Special Forces to rescue them, but what they found was the real horror...

- You will fight with you friends against enemies
- About 16-32 Players Coop
- New Weapons, vehicles, characters and enemies
- New Hud
- Maybe Class System
- Atmospheric Story
- Mission, Hold the Point, Attack the Point, Destroy Object
- new maps levels linked to story