News Updates & Video Updates...

Here's a news and video update...

At there's an Interview with "Cevat Yerli" (CEO von CryTek) and "Benjamin Kratsch" from Looki available. It includes some infos about A.I., DX10 features and story. Also they have arranged a interesting Crysis Preview.

At you can find a really good article about CryEnige2 and why it's prefered for building games. Cryteks Development Director and Licensing Manager, Harald Seely gives advise about these things.

The guys from made a video collage from some known and also some new Crysis GamePlay scenes. This video is called "Demolition". You can download it via our "Realted Links".

- Crysis Demolition GamePlay Video - WMV
(4:14 Min - 640x480 - WMV)

Last but not least there's a new version from the "Crysis Specials Effects Video HDTV - WMV" trailer. We changed the bad/old version with the new one, which has quite a better quality.

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