GDC2007: 4 new Crysis Videos available

It's time for some new Crysis related videos... This time we've really good new video-material for you.

- Crysis GDC2007 SandBox2 Walktrough - WMV
This GDC2007 Video from GameDaily (1:05 Min - 320x240 - WMV) shows a Walktrough through the SandBox2 Editor (for Crysis).

- Crysis SandBox2 Level Editor Tutorial - WMV
This GDC2007 Video from GameVideos (8:07 Min - 640x360 - WMV) shows a Tutorial related to the SandBox2 Editor (for Crysis).

- Crysis Specials Effects Video - WMV
This Video (3:16 Min - 640x360 - WMV) shows some special-effect which are possible with the Cryengine2.

- EA Charlie Skillbeck Interview - MPG
This Video (2:31 Min - 480x272 - MPG) shows an Interview with "Charlie Skillbeck", Technology-Manager from EA, UK.

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