Neue Crysis Modifikation -Obsidian Edge II: Theatre of War-

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Today we will officially announce Obsidian Edge II: Theatre of War. It is another chosen Crysis modification which will work with a pre-SDK and receives support from Crytek. Below you can find a description of the project itself:

"If it felt any more real, you'd bleed"

Obsidian Edge II: "Theatre of War" (working title) is the groundbreaking sequel to Obsidian Edge being created for Crytek's up coming first person shooter Crysis. With intense realism as well as new game features never before seen in a first person shooter - it will forever change the way you think a first person shooter should be played.

Get ready for edge-of-your-seat action - You will be required to lead assaults on enemy held positions, seek out and eliminate hostiles, perform coordinated missions, and fight for your own survival. In each case you will need to outfit your squad with the proper weapons and equipment, carefully plan your actions with your team, and then execute your plan in order to achieve the objective.

The world of Obsidian Edge is extremely unforgiving. Be ready to test your nerves, tactics and skill against opponents who are just as determined to eliminate you as you are to eliminate them. As your skills sharpen, so do theirs. As your strategy changes, so does theirs. As your teammates rush in, so do theirs. As you put them in your crosshairs, they do the same to you.

Are you ready for Obsidian Edge?

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The Obsidian Edge II (OE2) Mod will include many of the features first demonstrated in OE1, with additional features to intensify the gaming experience in quality, size and scope. OE2 is the next logical evolution of realistic tactical gaming, with features including:

Features Common to all Gameplay Modes
  • Multiple classes of soldiers, each with unique weapons and abilities.
  • Weapons, kit selections and ammo load-outs are balanced and realistic.
  • A customizable weapons system will be implemented.
  • Bullet damage spin - when hit by a bullet, your aim is realistically affected by the impact.
  • Injuries affect player abilities.
  • Realistic Walk speeds and run speeds.
  • Realistic damage models and lasting effects.
  • Multiple unique vehicle types for a new game experience and more intense tactical battles.
  • Easy start up for new & casual players - get in the action fast!

Multiplayer Gameplay

  • Maps will range from massive with vehicle support to small with no vehicles.
  • Several multiplayer game types including: Team Elimination, Protect the VIP, Team Demolition, Team Domination, and Free For All.
  • Player lives can be limited from one to infinite server-side.
  • Full Mapcycle control and other server options facilitates unattended dedicated servers.
  • Buddy / Jerk system for finding your buddys on-line and avoiding those you don't want to play with. (Tentative)
  • Integrated squad voice communications. (Tentative)

Cooperative Gameplay

  • Cooperative multiplayer gameplay modes will be available on most of the multiplayer maps. Play against the AI with your friends.

Other Key Features

  • Integrated Map Download Feature - Additional maps can be downloaded and automatically installed without leaving the game itself.
  • Integrated Server Control Screen - All commands can be routed to either the local machine (non-dedicated server) or to remote (dedicated) servers.


We have already added some outstanding folks to the team that produced Obsidian Edge 1, but we are still seeking highly skilled individuals to work with us in the following roles:

  • Level designers
  • Character modeling
  • Static / Environmental modeling
  • Texture artists
  • Animators

We are a mature group looking for mature individuals that work well in a team setting, and have experience in the role that they are applying for. Be prepared to share examples of your work, as well as the amount of time you are willing/able to commit. Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Crytek is required for these positions.

Visit us at and if you are interested in working with us, email Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! to discuss the opportunities further.

Keep your eyes open for more detailed information on the unique gameplay features that will drive forward your gaming experience.