Statement zur CES 2007 / Crysis @ XBOX 360

Ein abschliessendes Wort zur CES 2007 und zur Konsolenversion von Crysis liess auch uns Crytek zukommen. Vom WoW Virus gepackt, war es uns leider bisher nicht wirklich möglich die News aktuell zu halten.

Wie unser Communitymitglied Born_Brainless uns schon mitteilte, gab es vor einigen Tagen eine Rundmail an die gesammte Crysis Community...

Klickt auf den "Mehr..." Link um die Mitteilung (in Englisch) zu lesen.

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CES 2007
From 8th to 11th January 2007 the 40th Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas. Showing Crysis at the Microsoft, Intel and Dell booth was a great success for both EA and Crytek. It was amazing to see how much fun the guys from the press had and how impressed they were when playing our Nano Suit demo level.

During the show a lot of ingame videos have been recorded and were distributed on the net and have been eagerly discussed in the forums and on news sites. The community as well as the press gave a lot of positive feedback, but also didn’t hesitate to criticize a few things. We take both very seriously and are grateful for any feedback we get on our game. It will help us improving the quality and set the bar even higher.

Crysis on XBox360

Cevat Yerli:
“We hope we aren't disappointing anyone, but contrary to any rumours that may be in circulation, neither Crytek nor any third parties are currently engaged in developing Crysis for console platforms. Our company's sole focus at this time is to complete Crysis for PC as well and as quickly as possible, so we can release it in a timely fashion to all who have shown such a strong interest in playing our game, while insuring we meet the high quality of game play they have come to expect.

While we are gratified by the level of interest shown in Crysis by console owners and fans, and are of course interested in next generation consoles for potential future developments, it is the company's policy not to discuss future plans before the fact.

We hope that clarifies the issue and thanks to all for your interest.

Thank you,

Cevat Yerli
CEO, Crytek GmbH”

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