A word from Crytek...

Source: CryMod.com
Since it is our goal to provide our customers the very best support we require some feedback of the community from time to time. Only through steady improvement and adjusting to your wishes it is possible for us to remain as one of the top modable engines in the games industry. Since the CryENGINE 1 steadily received updates despite its age, we would like to hear your wishes and suggestions how to improve the modability of the engine even more. For that purpose here a few keywords you should align to:
  • What should be changed in the structure to make modding easier for the CryENGINE (editing, scripting, C++ file access, documentation, etc.)
  • What errors regarding modding the CryENGINE are really annoying?
  • What suggestions do you have for new, useful modding features for the CryENGINE?
If you have ideas and suggestions and would like to forward them to us please post them in the thread created especially for this purpose in our forum. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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