Crysis-Online Q&A with Jack Mamais

The guys from had the chance (again) to make an interview with one of the CryTek team. This time it's "Jack Mamais", Lead Designer at CryTek.

This really interesting interview is a must read for all Crysis fans. Here're two examples:

6.) Could you please tell us your system specs and explain how well Crysis is running on it?
I have an Athlon 3500+ Processor and a Radeon X1900 with 2 gigs of Ram and Crysis runs great on my machine at most settings. The official specs are not final yet, but rest assured it will run on 3 year old computers by the time we release our game.

8.) Natural Disasters is something that is talked about quite a lot, but not many of the details have been explained. What are all the natural disasters that will make it into Crysis?
Weather is one of the final things we are working on but we can confirm that tornadoes and earthquakes will definitely make it in to the game. Tornadoes will move through a scene and lay waste to anything it touches. Additionally, it may even pull smaller objects upside it and fling them away at high speed. Earthquakes will cause landslides and cause many natural obstacles that the player will have to traverse. We probably will not see these kinds of things in the multiplayer for the initial release of Crysis. (Who knows what mod teams will do).

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