Cevat Yerli: Infos about Releasedate

Some minutes ago, we received an e-Mail from Alexander Marschal (CryTek Community Manager). This e-Mail includes some informations about the Releasedate of Crysis. The informations are from Cevat Yerli (Manager at CryTek).

Cevat Yerli:
“There has been a lot of recent talk about Crysis' ship date. I wanted to send out a message to all those who are interested and set the record straight. The game will ship a little later than planned. I want to assure everyone that Crytek are working as hard as we possibly can to deliver this game to our fans and consumers in the earliest timeframe that meets our high quality threshold. Taking the extra time in the studio is the right decision because it helps us be sure that we can bring you the experience you expect from this new game.

2006 has been an amazing year for us and we have had great responses >from press and fans coming out of Leipzig in August and E3 back in May. We appreciate all of the interest and comments -- positive and not so positive -- that we have been receiving. Crysis is an ambitious game in so many aspects and much of what we are doing will be a genuine first for the gaming industry: some of this stuff is really hard and just takes time to get right.

We are focussing our efforts right now on getting the best possible experience for the widest variety of PC configs, starting from entry-level PC's up to the hard-core game rigs. Multiplayer is also an area of big focus for us right now, and we listened very hard to our fans. This includes the post-launch modding and community plans. Crysis' core single player is improving all the time - the progress I am seeing from the team right now here in Frankfurt is just staggering.

We are tracking well and trying our very best to release the game as soon as we can but Crytek and EA can't provide a hard date just yet.”

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