CryTek´s statement about the Releaseshift

CryTek´s Community Manager Alexander Marschal expressed himself at our forum concerning the recently planned shift of Crysis:

“Crysis is to become an absolute milestone in gaming history. For this reason the game is going to be published as soon as possible if both EA and Crytek are pleased with the quality.

Shifts are not necessarily always something bad. As always, the marketing factor is important, and many people would like to play the game as early as possible.

But we would like to take the time it needs to finish Crysis in a way that it grants our requirements and that we are sure you, the community, will not be disappointed.

Of course we will do our best to get Crysis done on time and on the
current status it looks very well."

Big Thanks to "ModCreator" and "fadeproof" for there help with the English translation!