New Crysis MODification -Navy SEALs: Covert War-

We would like to officially announce Navy SEALs : Covert War. It is one of two chosen Crysis modifications which will work with a pre-SDK. The goal is to release a quality mod that is ready as soon as Crysis hits the street. This mod won’t the only one which gets a pre-SDK. will soon announce another multiplayer modification. In addition Crytek is also in contact with other teams as well if they are available or interested. Here is a short description of the project itself:

“Tactical shooter meets Role Playing Game”

The goal is to create a round-based tactical shooter that evokes unique and evolving deep tactical gameplay. The focus is on rewarding teamwork. NS:CO II is about the elite Navy SEALs fighting enemies or Tangos all around the world in realistic scenarios. To archive that it focus on the following main features:
  • Easy start for casual gamers
  • Many advanced tactical possibilities for hardcore gamers
  • Ability system which evolves character stats and unlocks new weapons and equipment
  • Lots of real world weapons and equipment
  • Lots of different attachments for weapons
  • Character head customization
  • Advanced damage system
  • Interesting and fun game modes
  • A quick and easy to understand radio system with appropriated 3rd person hand signals
It is not determined yet what will be included in the first release. The project is under the patronage of Crytek. This means that development team offers professional design, working structures and development. This includes detailed help and support from Crytek design team members in order to push the quality to a very high standard. The pre-SDK is not available yet but we already looking ATM for people who would like to join the team and take this unique opportunity.

The artists we are looking for include:

Environment artists: Architecture, urban/nature objects, vehicles, terrain textures, etc.
Weapon artists: Real life weapons for 1st and 3rd person

Conditions: Experience with high poly modelling (especially the weapon artists) and advanced texturing (normal maps, specular maps, etc.)

Recommendations: 3DSMAX 7

If you are interested please send an email and include your portfolio (not more than 5MB or link to your homepage) to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. If you fit our criteria you have to sign a Crytek NDA in order to get more information. We are willing to support less experienced members if they even it out with passion and time. Once the pre-SDK is available we also start to look for Coders and level designers, so stay tuned.