Crytek Press-Conference GC2066 Video & SIGGRAPH 2006 PDF

At we found a Crytek Press-Conference video from this years Games Convention. The quality is not really good but the comments (in German) are really informative.

- Crytek Press-Conference GC 2006 Video - MPG
(?:?? Min - 640x480 - MPG)

Furthermore we've a PDF document from Carsten Wenzel (Crytek). Thanks to "pissdrunx1987" for the info!

- SIGGRAPH 2006 - Carsten Wenzel - PDF
SIGGRAPH 2006 presentation (PDF) by Carsten Wenzel (Crytek). The working title is: Real-time Atmospheric Effect in Games. It includes 39 pages and is written in English.

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