Cevat Yerli and Jack Mamais Interview in HD-HQ now

There's a HD/HQ version of the "Cevat Yerli and Jack Mamais Interview". The video (1280x720 - WMV) itself is from 30.06.2006. Most of them know it for sure but in HQ it looks much better.

We made some screencabs...
169_HQ_crysis_di_063006_wm_2.jpg 169_HQ_crysis_di_063006_wm_3.jpg 169_HQ_crysis_di_063006_wm_4.jpg

169_HQ_crysis_di_063006_wm_5.jpg 169_HQ_crysis_di_063006_wm_7.jpg 169_HQ_crysis_di_063006_wm_15.jpg
More screencabs you'll find in our Gallery.

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