Crysis 3 - Community Q&A (english)

Crysis 3 - Community Q&A (english)

Shortly after the announcment of Crysis 3 in april we have startet the fist Crysis 3 Community Q&A session with Crytek. Now its time to release the official Q&A with Crytek.

You can find the Q&A in the second part of this article. The Q&A was answered by Michael Read the game producer at Crytek Frankfurt. Thanks a lot to all the people that was implemantet in this first Q&A. Thanks to Michael Read who answered this questions, thanks to Franziska Lehnert from the PR department of Crytek and to Cry-Tom (Lead Community Manager at Crytek).

Here you can find the complete Q&A.

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Here is the complete Crysis 3 - Community Q&A with Crytek:

How many people work on Crysis 3 and which studios produce it?
Crysis 3 is developed by Crytek with input from all studios, but the main development takes place in Frankfurt (SP) and Nottingham (MP).


How long is Crysis 3 in development?
The initial development of Crysis 3 began shortly after the release of Crysis 2.


Who is the producer (person) of Crysis 3?
Crysis 3 made by a team of many super-talented individuals who work really hard to produce a very unique experience. So there is not only one but many many producers who focus on various aspects of things to do with the development of Crysis 3.


Crysis 3 said that there will be no co-op for it. Is there still a chance to get an official  co-op mode into the game?
Nothing has been announced regarding a co-op mode at this time.


Will Crysis 3 feature a multiplayer?
Yes, Crysis 3 will feature a multiplayer. We will reveal more details very soon.


Which studio will work on the multiplayer part of Crysis 3? And which one is doing the Singleplayer?
Crytek UK and Crytek Frankfurt respectively.


Could you name one new game mode for the multiplayer?
No, as I already mentioned, right now we’re focusing on the Singleplayer communication-wise, but will reveal more details about the multiplayer soon.


The core community wants back the PowerStruggle mode from Crysis 1. Is there a chance to get PS back into Crysis 3?
Unfortunately, we cannot reveal any details about the Crysis 3 Multiplayer yet. We can assure you that we are looking at a much deeper experience and support level than was provided in Crysis 2. In short, we recognized the shortcomings of the experience and will build upon that.


The community thinks that the support for Crysis 2 was not the best support. Is there a chance that Crysis 3 will get a better support. Longer and more?
For sure. After Crysis 2 we did extensive research and developed strategies how to improve in certain areas. However, how those look exactly is something that I cannot talk about yet.


Crytek is known for the modding support for their games. Can you confirm a mod support for Crysis 3 right now?
We cannot provide information about that yet.


Is a SandBox Editor for Crysis 3 possible?
Same as above, we cannot provide information about that yet.

Can you talk about other projects? Is there another new shooter franchise in development by Crytek?
We have nothing new to announce outside of our existing projects; Crysis 3, Homefront 2, Ryse, GFACE and Warface.


Or can you talk about a new project from Crytek that is really cool?
Check out Fibble, Crytek’s first mobile game, if you have not already done so!


Are there any usable cars or tanks in singleplayer or multiplayer?
At the moment I’m afraid I can’t reveal specific details about that yet. But we will of course announce
more things as we go - both in terms of gameplay and equipment/weapons.            


On which version of the CryENGINE 3 is Crysis 3 build?
Crysis 3 will be based on a reworked version of CryENGINE 3. What some might like to refer to as CryENGINE 3 Plus. Every day we see new builds, new tech, features and improvements being made to the engine by both the engine team and the Crysis team - Ranging from a new system that is allowing us to blend in organic vegetation with urban environments to a completely re-vamped AI to help immerse the players in this unique setting we are creating. Being Crytek, we are constantly iterating on our tech and Crysis 3 is allowing us to put this to the test.


Crytek said that Crysis 3 is not the last part in the Crysis franchise. Crysis was supposed to be a trilogy from the beginning. So why is it not a trilogy anymore?
We’d never want to close the door entirely on any of our game titles which is where this quote stems from. Crysis was and is a franchise so we will produce Crysis games as long as there are people out there who enjoy playing them.