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We are the "Project Nublar" Modification for Crysis 1/CryEngine 2. In our Modification a Team of scientist come back to the Island of Horror. They come to isla nublar to research the Island and the hungry and deadly population. Here you have something to read ;-)" 6.40 am, it is dark. Thomas lies in his bed in the new building which was built for employees of the research team. Outside you can hear two people talking. Suddenly it's quiet. A few seconds later you can hear steps that come to the Door. The door opens slowly and Dr Julie enters the room. She turns on the light and says to Thomas: "Stand up, we want to watch the dinosaur's from above the Mountain'...". This is only a small part of a great story. The Mod will come with ton of Buildings, Weapons, Vehicles and of course DINOSAUR'S! Our team is working since 2009 on this great Modification for a great Game. But the coolest Thing is this one: It is all free an open! The whole Mod is a Open game Modfication!

So now you interessted in our cool Project? You want help us?! Thats good!

We are looking for new Members in:
- Dinosaurs and Building (and Cars...) - Modeling (Maya, 3dsMax, ZBrush, Mudbox... What ever you want)
- 2D Artist's for Textures and Concept Sketches
- Programer for the AI System.

- People who can export Animation's from MAYA or 3ds max in the CryEngine 2.
- We also need Animator's for Animations.

Meet us at

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