Crysis 2 SDK Update v1.1

Crytek is pleased to announce the release of the Crysis 2 MOD SDK package Version1.1 which includes the all-new Sandbox 3 Editor, allowing you to create custom maps, mods and content for Crysis 2!

The package also includes various tools, such as FMOD Designer, Poly Bump, plugins for Maya and 3ds Max and more! We’ve also included some sample assets to help you discover the possibilities with the Crysis 2 Mod SDK package.

Important Installer Info
• 64-bit operating system required to run the Sandbox Editor.
• The installer automatically uninstalls the version 1.0 if installed and updates to v1.1.
• You do not need to uninstall Mod SDK v1.0 before installing the new version.

Changelog v1.1
• Added FMOD Designer to Mod SDK.
• Added editor.cfg being installed into Crysis 2 root folder to enable useful default settings for custom animations.
• Fixed a bug with CryMaxTools in 3DS Max not being functional.
• Fixed a bug with not working automatic installation of into respective 3DS Max installation.
• Fixed registry warning when starting Sandbox 3 Editor on Vista/Win7 machines.
• Fixed installation error “Error: Could not access network location $MOBU11_64_PATH$” on 32-bit operating systems”.
• Fixed 32-bit CryTIFF plugin being installed into Photoshop 64-bit version.
• Fixed .bat file for CryMaxTools not installing plugins and tools for all 3DS Max versions properly.
• Fixed a bug with 64-bit 3DS Max plugins getting installed into 32-bit 3DS Max if both are the same release version.
• Fixed a bug with the 3DS Max Exporter not working properly with exporting animations.
• Fixed a bug with the 3DS Max 9 installation to only include plugins from now on as CryMaxTools are not supported for this version.
• Fixed a bug where some installed 3DS Max versions did not show up for automatic plugin installation.
• Removed automatic 64-bit 3DS Max plugin and tools installation (requires manual installation).
• Removed Motion Builder as it is no longer supported.
• Sandbox (64bit) is a mandatory installation.
• Significantly reduced size of the installer.

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