Crysis 2 DX11 Patch veröffentlicht

DX11 Patch für Crysis2 veröffentlicht!

One of the most highly-acclaimed first person shooters of 2011 is getting a facelift. Today, EA and Crytek will be releasing the Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade, giving PC gamers full DirectX®11 support. Enhancing the Crysis 2 gaming experience on PC, the Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade delivers higher quality visuals and features including tessellation, water rendering improvements, high quality HDR motion blur, and many other special effects and higher quality texture formats with the optional high res texture pack. The Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade is available via an auto installation once gamers go online with Crysis 2 on PC.

Crysis 2 catapults players into Crytek’s stunning recreation of New York City in 2023. With the city on the brink of annihilation from a terrifying alien threat, players will use the powers of the Nanosuit 2 to be fast, be strong and be invisible, in an attempt to save humanity. Crysis 2 has won over 25 awards from critics around the world and received 50 review scores rated 90 percent and above, including “4 stars out of 4 stars” from the Associated Press.

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