C2 Pro EAI v0.6.1

Crysis 2 - C2 Pro External Admin Interface (C2EAI)

Es gibt eine neue (0.6.1) Version des C2 Pro External Admin Interface (C2EAI) Tools.

Hier die Änderungen von Version 0.5 zu 0.6.1:

*) Changed position to groupbox titles
*) Added widget Other for special options
*) Re-Added command "gl_startgame"
*) Fixed automatic spinbox for variables (sending correct values)
*) Reworked UI
*) Added variable "g_roundlimit"
*) Added automatic spinbox for variables
*) Merged "Players", "Bans" and "Reserved slots" tabs
*) Added maps Park Evenue, Compound, Transit and Shipyard

The External Admin Interface allows you to administrate your Crysis 2 game server without the need to change files in the web interface of your server provider. Also it already contains all available variables and most of the commands that can be changed on dedicated servers.

Crysis 2 Pro External Admin Interface does not request any installation. Just run the executable file.

For this release, the following platforms have been tested:
  Windows 32bit
  Windows 64bit

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