Invaded Paradise - SP - v1.0

This map (Invaded Paradise) from our member "RED" got a 24 hour time of day, a very good placed vegetation and missions/side missions.

Story: 21 st October. 2021 Countryhill- Park - U.S.Secretary of Defense was kidnapped by North Korean terrorists on the island, you have to hide him safely from the island... for the rest of the story you have to play the map.

Thanks to: maniac2109 and Delta_of_Death.
And a big Thanks to all of the modders.
Without you i have never could create my map.

Leveldesign and Time of Day by RED=Tribun8x
Ki, Flowgraph und Trackview by maniac2109
Ki, Flowgraph by Delta_of_Death
Story by RED=Tribun8x and maniac2109
Trailer by maniac2109

* Very detailed environment
* Time of day 6.30-20.00
* NOTE: Many PCs will take a performance hit as this level is very demanding on system resources 

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