Utopia - SP - v1.0.0

A first level by the author in the editor. It has a massive gameplay environment with a great and challenging story for the player. It was created over 5 weeks in the author's spare time. The level can take 90+ minutes to complete depending on your approach.

May 21, 2012: Defense Department intel has reported the North Koreans are developing an ICBM on a remote island in the South Pacific with the codename "Utopia". Infiltrate "Utopia" island, destroy the ICBM, free the hostage and complete various mission related objectives.

• Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
• Exciting story with challenging gameplay and several objectives that unfold depending on the route you take.
• Dynamic Custom music.
• Manually placed vegetation
• 3 Exciting Cutscenes.
• Varied AI (patrolling, smoking, working).
• Advanced AI navigation.
• Custom textures and materials
• Custom sound dialogue and music clips
• 90 + minutes gametime
• Non-Linear gameplay with multiple paths
• High detail environment

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