Crytek Twitter Contest!

To celebrate the launch of the official Crytek Twitter: NanoSmartCasual, we are hosting a competition for all followers!  This contest will start on Monday 13th September 2010.  This is a world-wide event meaning anyone can enter!

The contest
The contest is quite simple, all you need to do is follow NanoSmartCasual and re-tweet a specific message, then you'll be in with your chance to win some very exclusive prizes from Crytek! We will be giving away one prize package daily and the contest will run over 3 days, winners will be selected at random each day, and of course we'll have a unique winner each time.

The prizes
* Limited Edition Crysis 2 Art Print signed by Cevat Yerli (printed on Aluminium)
* Crysis 2 "I heart NY" T-shirt, nano edition
* Plus an assortment of Crytek goodies

How to enter
To enter this contest you must first register an account at Twitter:  After this you need to head over to the NanoSmartCasual page and follow the official Crytek account, you can find the page here;  Once you are following you need to WAIT UNTIL MONDAY 13th SEPTEMBER then tweet this message;

"@NanoSmartCasual follow NSC for behind the scenes coverage of Crytek + Crysis 2.  I'm tweeting for my chance to win signed Crysis 2 artwork!

This will enter you into the competition!

Please note if you tweet this before Monday nothing will happen and it will not enter you into the competition!

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- Rules
* One tweet per day.  Spamming of the message will disqualify you from the competition, but you may tweet the message once on each of the 3 days of competition.
* Single accounts.  Do not create multiple accounts or you will be disqualified.
* You can reply to any NanoSmartCasual post for this tweet or create a new one
* There will be 1 winner per day over the 3 days of competition (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday)
* The competition is hosted in the CET timezone and will begin at 0:01 on Monday and end at 23:59 on Wednesday
* If you win you will be sent a message through Twitter by NanoSmartCasual asking for your e-mail
* If you do not receive an e-mail from an (or address then it's not an official Crytek employee
* Winners will be announced daily, prizes will be sent once the competition is over

If you have any questions on the contest you can comment on this news post or send a tweet to NanoSmartCasual.  Good luck to all entrants and we look forward to seeing you on Twitter!