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Alexander Marschal - Crytek´s Community Manager - has answered some Questions about Crysis at

Here's a abridgement from Q & A's:

1. Will the SDK be released together with the game?
2. Will it be on the Cysis DVD?
3. When does the Crysis Modding Portal launch?
4. When can we expect the polycounts for Crysis?
5. What 3D programs are you going to support with exporters?
6. Will it be possible to import assets from Far Cry into 3dmax and export them into Crysis without getting any legal problems?
7. If we use the same LUA version will it be possible to port the ASSAULT mode?

1. It is planned to release the SDK shortly before launch of Crysis to give the community enough time to get into the new stuff and to start creating schedules for your mods.
2. It is planned to have the SDK on the Crysis DVD. Additionally it will be available as download on
3. Soon (as usual ). The content is already WIP as well as the design.
4. These information will be released as soon as the Crysis modding portal will launch.
5. We are going to support 3DS Max, Softimage and maybe others.
6. Since all rights of Far Cry are kept by UbiSoft you might get into legal problems when using their content.
7. Speaking of the content it is possible to create a new version of the Assault mode. It should be a remake or a slightly adjusted version, but you should not create a 1:1 copy of it.

Thanks to our community member "pissdrunx1987" for this information!

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