Outback 4thDnet SP Map

--> Screenshot Update 8 (27.02.2010)
--> Screenshot Update 7 (24.02.2010)
--> Screenshot Update 6 (24.02.2010)
--> Screenshot Update 5 (23.02.2010)
--> Screenshot Update 4 (23.02.2010)
--> Screenshot Update 3 (21.02.2010)
--> Screenshot Update 2 (21.02.2010)
--> Screenshot Update 1 (20.02.2010)

I (WarpSpeed) realized during the last weeks, that there're some Crysis related projects out there who are getting completed bit by bit. So I decided to start a project too. In this spirit I announce my new (after the egg-search map) map "OUTBACK" now and here.

Story: You're playing a soldier who is new in his team. So you've to demonstrate your ability.
Name: Outback 4thDnet
Gamemode: Singleplayer (SP)
Playtime: 30-45 minutes
Release: March/April 2010
Setting: Outback/Desert
ToD change: Yes
ToD range: 6:00am - 06:00pm
Missions: Yes
Intro/Outro: Maybe if I've enough time
Map size: 2048x2048

As I think most of us are tired from beach, jungle and paradise settings, I'll settle this map in Outback/Desert environment. Proper logic for an Australia-Fan.

My target is to complete building the map within 8 weeks (approximate). I'll work 2-3 hours weekdays and 6-8 hours on weekend on this map. I can't promise to include an Intro/Outro because this takes many time and it's really hard for me. Out of this reason only include an Intro/Outro if there's enough time.

I'll post an update with screenshots minimum once a week. Feel free to submit your opinions to these updates. Also you can post ideas for special effect/features.

Here're the first screenshots. They show the environment (hills, paths...) and the heightmap.

The map WITHOUT Haze/Fog. Of course there'll be Haze/Fog in the final map.
INFO: The heightmap I "exported" from Google. Unoptimized on this screen.

The following screenshots showing the map WITH Haze/Fog. How intense the Haze/Fog will be in the final map, I decide on the end of the creating process.
INFO: On the first screen you can see the course of the paths. I also drafted some buildings on the texture. The second screen shows the impressive ToD (in my opinion).

At this moment I'm satisfied with the ToD setting (it took me about one hour for creating it). Looks really atmospheric as I think.

PS: If you think "Yet another project which won't be finsihed...", it can be said that I finish all project which I start.

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