Jurassic Park MOD Update

Over the last month, we have been making great progress on the mod, and even more progress in the last week alone. Just a few highlights to sum it up.

The T-rex has been fixed up in Z-brush with details added (check out at: Media.moddb.com).

We have both the Visitors' Center and Raptor Pen in-game, with some textures. Visitors' Center is the most difficult to prepare texture wise and even now is still heavily WIP, with far more work to be done with both completing mesh detail and texturing, and I haven't even got into lighting yet.

Here's a shot from a few days ago of the Rotunda.

We have also managed to finally take the Jeep model, that has been completed enough for 'many moons', and actually make the model an interactive vehicle and not a static prop.

There is a lot more progress every day and many other models to show off, but I don't want to spoil it all now. I want to say though that we are mainly a three-four piece team, and we're making more progress than we ever did with a larger team. There is a lot of motivation, dedication, and discipline in our team, and it has made a huge difference in our latest efforts.

I could never see a possible release for this mod the entire time I started it. Always seemed like eons away, but now for the first time I feel like it will actually be finished, and very soon.

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