Tweet for a T-shirt Winners!

Tweet for a T-shirt Winners!
At the start of last weekend we posed a challenge to you; give us your slogan for the Crysis universe, in the same 3 word style that we have with both Crysis and Crysis Warhead. We were really happy to see that we received loads of entries, tallying up at nearly 100.

For the most part the entries were good, but after all we are still on the internet so the usual troublesome phrases were to be expected. We've gone over them and picked out our favourites, and they shall all be receiving a T-shirt from us.

Surpass. Eliminate. Evolve.
by Leophir

Aim. Annihilate. Repeat.
by ChrisKirkman

Buy. Install. Enjoy.
by Isbilmannen

Target. Deploy. Exterminate.
by ADU8Z

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Each of these users will have a message from us on their Twitter accounts with further details of how to receive their prize. For those of you that missed out or have no idea what is going on, simply click the image below to be taken to our Official Twitter.

We are aware that some people were disappointed with the fact that this competition was based solely on Twitter as opposed to one of our community portals, however, don't fret. There will be plenty more opportunities to win some fantastic merchandise and other cool prizes, so keep checking back!

- Community Team