OMG! Christmas Update

Welcome to this year’s last update from the Online Modding Group. To make this a special one we have prepared several new releases for you, first details on Third Reich and we have some prizes we would like to give to you. So go ahead and read through the OMG! Christmas Update.

Content: OMG! News Update #2
  • Crysis Wars EX
    • Patch 1.1.1
    • Crysis Wars ESO 1.0
    • Download & Installation
  • OMG! Community Corner
    • SSM Aegis & SSM Patriot News
    • Community Release: MP-5
    • Community Release: Deadend & Settlement
    • PACMAN Christmas Competition
    • ModDB - Mod of the Year 2009
  • Inside OMG!
    • Third Reich
    • Vacant Positions
    • New People
With more than 2200 tracked players Crysis Wars EX is the most played Multiplayer modification for Crysis Wars. To support that the Online Modding Group is working on regular updates featuring new content and improvements.

Patch 1.1.1
After several small problems we are now able to present you a new patch for the last content update that updates EX to 1.1.1 and includes some new improvements combined with fixes for the existing problems. Full change log can be found within the related download description (see below).

Crysis Wars ESO 1.0
Together with Crysis Wars EX we are updating Crysis Wars Extended Server Options (ESO) to version 1.0.
Server administrators are used to SSM nowadays and so far it was only possible to run either EX or SSM. Based on SSM Patriot by Rod-Serling & his team the Online Modding Group has developed a new server-side modification for Crysis Wars EX that solves this problem and allows server administrators to use their beloved features together with Crysis Wars EX. Changes applied since the last public beta version can be seen in bellows’ list.

  • Added ESO for the new game mode "BLITZ"
  • Addition of fun sounds that can be played by any player on a server using the chatcommand !sound "soundname".
  • Renamed PenaltyBox to BadZone
  • ESO commands now start with "eso_" instead of "ssm_"
  • Fixed Teamkill System
  • Several minor code fixes

Download & Installation
Crysis Wars EX 1.1.1 (including ESO 1.0) can be downloaded from below. We recommend the use of the installer version for players. Advanced users and server administrators can use the archived version of the modification for the installation.

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- Forumbeitrag @ OMG! Community Corner
This month´s Community Corner is all about great stuff for you, the community. We have so many things to share with you that the place in this news is not enough. Additional announcements will be made in the upcoming weeks about more community activities and we hope you like the following news.

SSM Aegis & SSM Patriot News
Today the Online Modding Group & the SSM Team at would like to announce that the OMG! Stats System (developed by 1ApRiL) will be implemented in version 1.4.1 of the famous administration tool SSM Aegis. At the same time, the existing OMG! Stats homepage will receive several updates including reworked achievements (Medals & Pins).

While SSM Aegis is still heavily used by server administrators, the newer tool SSM Patriot will soon be released to replace SSM Aegis. This new SSM modification is not only far more efficient than Aegis, it also includes Phoenix, an anticheat system written by CorneN. This mod will also include the OMG! Stats System.

Community Release: MP-5
Many people asked us if we could release the MP-5 as a single community asset. Today we do exactly that. You want it? You get it! And that is not the only news about the MP-5. We have decided to activate the dual wield mode for this special release.

The downloaded file contains all required assets, animations, sounds and scripts. Additional information and installation instructions can be found in the ReadMe file. Credit for the model and the texture goes to Christian Bliss, Vert-X for all the animations and integration and zygurt for the sound.

Community Release: Deadend & Settlement
Crysis Wars EX 1.0.0 contained a new PS map called Deadend and Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 contained another new PS map called Settlement. Both maps were not available without Crysis Wars EX till now. As a special Christmas present we are releasing both maps as separate downloads, available for Crysis Wars players without the modification. Credit for Deadend goes to Nerv3 and for Settlement to c4Te. Enjoy this release.

PACMAN Christmas Competition
Today we are starting our PACMAN Christmas competition. Find Pacman and his friends on the new Crysis Wars EX maps and win a special Christmas present that includes rare Crysis merchandising, lanyards and many more things.

To participate in the competition you only need the Crysis Wars trial version and Crysis Wars EX 1.1.1. Look through the new maps introduced with the 1.1.0 Content Update and send us a screenshot of Pacman and his four friends to omg-modding[at] The competition ends at the 31st of December at 1am CET. The winners will be announced right after the deadline.
To make it a bit easier we have prepared some small hints for you. Follow them and the present is yours.

  • Ice_EX: Hiding in such a cold area might not be the best idea. It was leading to Pacman being frozen and he is now waiting for you to be rescued.
  • Treehouse_EX: A sniper reported a red ghost flying around in this area. Make sure to take your photo before he vanished again.
  • Settlement: To have a better overview this ghost has chosen a high spot only accessible for spectators.
  • Village: Think about the perfect place for a BLUE ghost to hide.
  • Industrial_EX: A scientist saw a strange shadow inside the main building. Illusion or reality?
ModDB – Mod of the Year 2009
As in every year the homepage is organizing the “Mod of the Year” award. As one of the few mods that have been released in 2009 we want to represent the Crysis community as good as possible.

Therefore we would be thankful if you could vote for Crysis Wars EX. In this first round you can vote for as many mods as you want.

Inside OMG!
The last two months the team was finalizing Crysis Wars EX while the management started already planning for the upcoming projects that will keep us busy in 2010. Therefore we have as always several new people joining us and of course there are still vacant positions.

Third Reich
This month we want to show you some first progress on Third Reich (known as Project 03). Third Reich is a modification for Crysis Wars that aims for a competitive Singleplayer experience in a really alternative universe. The modification is using Cel Shading and other additions to create a unique visual experience. So today we have a first in-game shot for you.

Vacant Positions
This month we can welcome several new talented people in our team but there is still place for more in some sections. Please see bellow’s list for the vacant positions.

Crysis Wars EX
  • Translator (French, Polish, Spanish, Czech)
Third Reich
  • SP Level Designer
  • Environment & Props Artists
If you are interested in joining the Online Modding Group please write us a PM or a mail (omg-modding[at]

New People
With a new project being started in our team there were several positions that had to be filled with new talented people. So please welcome the following new members (sorted by the different projects).

Crysis Wars EX Developers
  • RevolutionX - Programmer
Third Reich Developers
  • Boebi – Level Designer
  • Oni – Game Designer
  • Elias – Concept Artist
  • Göddy – Concept Artist
  • Mistermoo – Weapon Artist
  • Radcliff – Environment Artist
  • MonkeyMhz – Character Artist
  • Revand – Character Artist
  • Nightwolf – Props Artist
General OMG! Team
  • Ash712 – 2D Designer
  • sErBz – Focus Tester
  • Heimscheisser – Hungarian Translator
This was the last update for this year. The next update can be expected at the end of January or probably earlier depending on the progress we are making. We wish you peaceful holidays and a happy new year 2010. May it be as successful as 2009 for our team.


Your Online Modding Group